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Tim Rowledge tim at
Fri Jan 9 22:28:18 UTC 2004

Julian Fitzell <julian at> wrote:

> The other problem then turned out to be that the older VMMaker in Ian's 
> image seemed to produce a VM that wouldn't run the new images.  So I 
> need to go back up to the newest VMMaker, but Ian has patches applied 
> againt the old one and I have no idea whether I still need to apply 
> those or not.  And I also have no idea how new an image I need to be 
> using to build the new VM.
I'd love to know what patches to VMMaker are involved. I don't recall
any recent changes that should affect runnability and if there have
been we need to find them soon.

The only almost-recent change I can see affecting performance is the
move to keeping (most of) the globals in a big array. IIRC Ian had
changed to making use of that quite a while ago. 
> And finally, this generated source compiles fine on Linux but appears 
> not to compile on Solaris (and I've compiled the 3.6-g-2 sources on the 
> same Solaris box just fine).  I don't know if this is a problem with 
> Ned's branch or with the old VMMaker (I haven't yet tried a Solaris 
> compile of a ned-branch/new VMMaker source tree).  The error I get is:
> gnu-interp.c: In function `primitiveResponse':
> gnu-interp.c:16425: `primitiveIndex' undeclared (first use in this function)
> gnu-interp.c:16425: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> gnu-interp.c:16425: for each function it appears in.)
primitiveIndex is one of the globals that sh/w/ould be in the array
'foo' and so this suggests to me that soemthing is wrong with that
mechanism here. Look at the interp.c file and see where primitiveIndex
is declared and where it is used. In my latest interp.c it is declared
within 'foo' and first used in addNewMethodToCache as

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