Trying to compile a new VM

Tim Rowledge tim at
Sat Jan 10 01:25:43 UTC 2004

Julian Fitzell <julian at> wrote:

> I just tried a diff between interp.c in two the trees and, except for 
> variable definition order differences, the only major changes I can pick 
> out (on a quick skim) are that the one generated from CVS with Ian's vmm 
> image (old VMMaker) includes emphemeron stuff and a bunch of references 
> to displayBits.  The one generated from the 3.6g-2 release using the 
> newest VMMaker doesn't have either of those.
Ah, the displayBits stuff is probably Ian putting back something
similar to the ancient (and removed) hack I used to use on the Acorn to
keep the Display bitmap as an object but not in object space. We had
some mail back and forth about that some months ago and it sounded like
he wanted to make use of the concept for something.

I'd look at that .bz2 file but I seem to have no way of opening it.

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