ask for APSL? for real this time?

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Sat Jan 10 14:45:16 UTC 2004

Hi Andrew!

"Andrew C. Greenberg" <werdna at> wrote:
> Goran, I can appreciate your frustration.  I am not happy with the
> advice I am giving either, but it is good advice.

Your advice may be good but it doesn't matter when we don't understand
your reasoning, which at least I don't at this time. Doug explained in
detail how I/he/(and probably a few more) reason at the moment and it
seems to me he doesn't inderstand it either.

> Trust me in saying that I know of what I speak -- I am paid counsel for
> various large open source projects and companies, and this is what I
> do.

You are *very* aware of that I know this - no need to repeat that.

> I appreciate you feeling that you don't care to respond, and I
> acknowledge that my schedule is often too busy to give detailed advices
> to repeated advancing of subject matter well-trodden here.

AFAIK this is not "well trodden" in the sense as it is the first time
that *I* have seen you discouraging us from dual licensing with
SqueakL/MIT. Since you (as usual) avoided to not respond regarding the
quote I am including it again:

"I believe that we could survive with a communal understanding to
release all of our code under Squeak-L, or a more liberal license, dual
licensed with Squeak-L understanding that it gets viraled into Squeak-L
when thrust into the image."

Could you PLEASE respond to this quote? I repeat: I can only assume that
you don't feel the same today and would like to know why.

> If you are
> suggesting something new, and I missed it, I apologize -- I am getting
> ready for a trial resulting from IP neglect of the type we are
> presently contemplating committing, and I am limited in the time I can
> spend on this matter.
> Whether you like me, the time i can afford to spend on this right now
> or the advice i am giving, I think my record and passion for the
> welfare of Squeak speaks for itself.  My views are, at the very least
> well-meaning.  I hope you can take my remarks as such.

I always try to take your remarks as such - and everybody on this list
know that it actually takes a bit of effort to get me annoyed.

I would just like you to be more careful in how you conduct discussions
- the habit of only responding to the selected parts that suit you (the
quote above is a perfect example of a part you simply skipped) and not
even answering private email is really habits that I dislike.

And for te record: I can't say I know you so I can't say if I like *you*
or not, the time anyone spend is completely up to them and the advice
you give is not yet understood by me so I don't have an opinion yet.

regards, Göran

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