[Q] Dependencies of packages

Chris Burkert chris at chrisburkert.de
Tue Jan 13 09:59:30 UTC 2004


I want to split SmallWiki into separate packages on SqueakMap, so 
that dependent packages will load other automatic. I have 
SmallWiki as Monticello code.

My feelings are that I have to subclass PackageInfo for every 
package, that has to load other packages. Then I can use the 
SarBuilder to create the .sar files, each with a preamble, that 
includes code to load the dependencies. This code I have to write 
by myself in those subclasses of PackageInfo, right?

If there is a better way (SM2?) of simulating dependencies please 
let me know. Below I have put my current real world example:

I talked with Cees and we decided to separate the Parser so that 
we both can use the same Package from SqueakMap.

I have three packages:
1: SmallWiki-Parser
    - the parser which is used by Gardner and SmallWiki
2: SmallWiki-Kernel
    - the rest of the SmallWiki code without the parser
3: SmallWiki-Base
    - everything that is needed by 1. *and* 2.

So I think to write a PackageInfo for 1. and 2..

The first one (part of the parser) should load SmallWiki-Base 
automatic (if it's not already in the image).

The second one (part of the kernel) should load SmallWiki-Base 
*and* SmallWiki-Parser.

            Chris Burkert

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