[Q] Dependencies of packages

Chris Burkert chris at chrisburkert.de
Tue Jan 13 11:04:31 UTC 2004

goran.krampe at bluefish.se wrote:
> Hi Chris!
> Here we go again :).

Ups, sorry. Was this a FAQ?

> My proposed approach is to use loadscripts when SM2 is up and running. I
> would then create the three Monticello packages and put them up as .mcz
> files on SM. Personally I haven't subclassed PI, not sure when you need
> to do that. These three packages would contain no automagic whatsoever -
> just plain Monticello packages.
> Then I would have created one or more loadscripts for the actual
> packages that people will likely want to actively install - none of the
> three above are packages that people would select and install on their
> own.
> The loadscript is just a .st file that would use the SMSqueakMap API to
> install the specified releases that you want to install. When I have
> deployed SM2 I can give you example code - but it is kinda trivial.

Well it's worth to wait for SM2 :)

            Chris Burkert

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