BFAV Archive auto-closing progress report

Ken Causey ken at
Wed Jan 14 14:41:57 UTC 2004

I started sending out messages to close the 3300 pre-1/1/2003 that were
still open yesterday morning.  I sent out 2000+ and then had a little
trouble with my ISP's mail server.  I then realized that the lists
server was chugging trying to swallow what I sent so I decided to stop
there until everything got back to normal.  I will be continuing later
today once I'm confident that the server has processed everything I
already sent.

On another subject:  I added a Cc: header to each of the messages that
included the address of the original submitter.  However it seems that
MailComposition completely ignored that header only sending to the
address in the To: header.  If anyone received one of my closing
messages (other than Bert who probably received a couple of Tuesday when
I was trying to debug something, sorry Bert) then I would appreciate you
letting me know.  Otherwise starting later today or tomorrow I will be
making another pass over all the messages marked as timed out sending
the message just to the submitter.

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