ask for APSL? for real this time?

Doug Way dway at
Thu Jan 15 23:51:18 UTC 2004

Jimmie Houchin wrote:

> ...
> If Alan approaches Steve (Apple), another possibility is a complete 
> transferal of copyright.
>    (Yes, you may think I'm nuts. I'm okay with that.)
> ...
> From that position it would be easy enough to redo the license to a 
> BSD or Squeak Community License or some such.
> From that position we could approach Disney, et al. and either they 
> re-license or assign their copyrights. My checkbook is still out, I 
> can write them a $1 check too. :)  Or worst case, we excise their code 
> into a future-forward version of Squeak.

Currently, re-licensing Squeak, or seeking a transferal of copyright for 
all of Squeak (which is probably more difficult than re-licensing), is 
not really an option at the moment, for the reasons I mentioned in my 
email from two days ago:

To the other Guides and SqC, please correct me if I'm wrong in my above 
assessment.  For now, regarding re-licensing, we're basically letting 
sleeping dogs lie as Alan said.

So, we probably don't need to keep bringing re-licensing up as a 
possibility.  (No offense. :-) )

However, sublicensing, which is a different animal from re-licensing, is 
still a possibility to help us gain acceptance from the open source 
community.  See my other discussion with Andrew on this.

- Doug

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