Porting Squeak to IA64

Virumandi Sandiyar vsandiyar at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 00:27:39 UTC 2004


            I am newbie to Squeak and I am trying to
port squeak to  an Intel Itanium2 (64-bit) cpu-base
server running on 64-bit Linux. 

1.  First of all, I would like to know if it is
feasible to port Squeak to IA64 and if there is any
benefit in it.

2. I am going thru the source files and the header for
each file specifies that the code has been generated
automatically by squeak. How is it done?
3. It seems that Squeak has been already ported to
Solaris and Alpha, which implies that Squeak is
already ported to 64bit machine. But I am not able to
find any info on how the porting was done. Assuming a
single source is used for all the different platforms,
I am not able to see any modifications to the code to
compile it in any 64 bit platforms. Any info will be
really helpful in porting to Itanium. 

4. Do I need to port the image also to make it work on
the 64 bit platform? 


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