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Sat Jan 17 05:24:45 UTC 2004

Latest approved items.

By the way, 3.7 is tentatively scheduled to move to beta on February 7. 
(Going by a 3.7 final date of April 3.)  So, we're getting toward the
end of the 3.7 alpha stage.

- Doug


5624SystemWindowAndBabel-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 15 December 2003
Some missing #translated sends in SystemWindow"

5625AllScriptsToolBabel-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 15 December 2003
Some missing #translated sends in AllScriptsTool"

5626UrlPortNumber-mu -- Masashi Umezawa -- 24 December 2003
HierarchicalUrl>>privateInitializeFromText: extracts a port number in
URL, but it does not perform any error checking. It silently generates
invalid URL instances. Now the method checks invalid port number in
-Should pass:
Url absoluteFromText: 'http://swikis.ddo.jp:8823/'
-Should raise errors: (after the patch)
Url absoluteFromText: 'http://swikis.ddo.jp:-1/'
Url absoluteFromText: 'http://swikis.ddo.jp:65536/'
Url absoluteFromText: 'http://swikis.ddo.jp:auau/'

5627irc-removal -- Marcus Denker -- 3 December 2003
This changeset IRC from the image.
The version of IRC that's now in the image is not used
(And may even not work). Please use EnhIRC (from SqueakMap)
This does:
  -> removes all classes in the category Network-IRC Chat
  -> deletes SystemDictionary>>discardIRC
  -> unregisteres IRC from the Menu"

5628DirEntries-Babel -- Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com>
-- 27 December 2003
Directory entries names enclosed in _ (underscores) are translatable.
This is used in the new Project Repository being developed in
Small-Land.  The server simulate some directories to make easier to find
a Project.  Directories names like _All_, _By Category_, _By Language_,
etc will be displayed in FileList2 translated to the user language.
  '_All_' is shown as 'Todos'  (In Spanish)
  '_By Category_' is shown as 'Por Categoría'  (In Spanish)
This method could be used to translate some special folders like
Squeaklets, SM, package-cache, etc.

5629mvcFileListMore-asm -- Alejandro Magistrello -- 21 December 2003
in a MVC project open a FileList, select a file, get the shifted menu,
click on the more.. item.
i get a CustomMenu dnu: submorphs.
this adds a another isMorphic check

5630CorrectSourceClass-ajh -- Anthony Hannan -- 13 December 2003
In methodNodeDecompileClass: aClass selector: selector, only look for
the class in method source if the class is not supplied.  Thanks to
Andreas for finding and suggesting this correction."

5631IntegerPrintOpt-gk -- Göran Krampe -- 25 November 2003
Improvement of Integer/SmallInteger>>printOn:base: spurred by results
comparing SharpSmallalk with Squeak. I have borrowed John's
implementation and merged it with the old one.
It is up to 3 times faster than the old code. In the Smopstone benchmark
it improves the 'generate strings' benchmark by about 20%, but the
seemingly small improvement is because it only tests SmallIntegers. The
real benefits come when doing LargeIntegers.
The code in SmallInteger is a bit different - since I rewrote the old
version. I am not sure if we really need two slightly different
implementations, they might be mergable - I did try the Integer version
for SmallIntegers and the difference is almost none.
The code might be improved - especially if we could calculate the number
of letters, for example digits is set on each invocation, but I assume
that is negligible.
Of course, a plugin might make this even faster. :)"

5632largeItalicsFix-BG -- Boris Gaertner -- 15 December 2003
In an MVC project, large italics are not always correctly displayed. Due
to kerining, some pixels of the last glyph are not shown. The method
DisplayScanner>>displayLines:in:clippedBy: clears out the rest of the
line after the last displayed glyph. Regrettably, it also clears out the
additional space that is needed to completely display an oblique glyph. 
That additional space is given by StrikeFont>>baseKern and is stored in
the instance variable  kern of the CharacterScanner. It is a negative
number.  The fix subtracts this additional space from destX to get the
correct  destX.

5633showCategoryFix-BG -- Boris Gaertner -- 13 December 2003
The feature 'show message chategory' is broken. Required changes
messages are not sent and as aresult the method category list is not
updated at all and the method name list is not updated as it should. In
Squeak 3.4 this feature worked. A change that was later introduced
seemingly tried to avoid an unnecessary update of the method name list
(which was updated twice), but did to much."

5634FileList-Babel-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 27 December 2003
More translatable strings"

5635Dir-isRemoteDir-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 27 December 2003
Implementation of FileDirectory>>isRemoteDirectory and
ServerDirectory>>isRemoteDirectory and refactoring of sends like
'#isKindOf: ServerDirectory' per #isRemoteDirectory.
This allows different hierarchies of classes acts like a ServerDirectory

5636BabelEToysTransl-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 4 December 2003
A quick hack to translate eToys vocabularies using Babel.
A new preference named #translationWithBabel activates this hack.
The plan is to keep this hack (and the preference) to give time to the
translators to cover in Babel the current translations (in
#addEnglishVocabulary, #addGermanVocabulary, #addSpanishVocabulary,
#addCatalanVocabulary, #addKiswahiliVocabulary, #addDutchVocabulary,
#addNorwegianVocabulary and #addSwedishVocabulary).
When all the translation get migrated to Babel, I'll clean up the
current multi-language support in eToys.
	addPreference: #translationWithBabel
	category: #scripting
	default: false
	balloonHelp: 'If true, the eToys vocabularies will be translated using

5637ProjectSavingRefactor-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck
<DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> -- 23 December 2003
Small refactoring:
When a project is going to be saved it asks the destination (normally a
ServerDirectory) for the way to do that.
In this way different implementation of ServerDirectory can use
different ways to store the project than the sequence
#upLoadProject:named:resourceUrl:retry: #deleteFileNamed:ifAbsent:
#putFile:named:retry: #updateProjectInfoFor: and #sleep in
This change is full compatible with the current implementations of
ServerDirectory but it's needed for future work on superswikis-like
project repositories.  (One new project repository is coming from the
folks from Small-Land ;))

5638CSRemoveByClassCat-mu -- Masashi Umezawa -- 11 December 2003
Adds 'remove by class category' feature to ChangeSorter.
It removes all changes contained in given class categories.
Useful to extract system class changes"

5639ArchiveViewerFix-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 4 January 2004
md: just reposting as a normal changeset.
Subject:		[BUG] [FIX] ArchiveViewer-createButtonBar is fragile
Author:		Dan Ingalls
Date Posted: 11 December 2003
The current method for ArchiveViewer-createButtonBar uses StrikeFont
allInstances to find a narrow font.  It then assumes that the one it
found is accessible through the normally registered textstyles.
If your image contains a local font --held in , eg, a class variable --
then this method will fail if it chooses that font, since it cannot be
accessed through the normal registry.
The attached fix enumerates registered fonts rather than using
allInstances.  It should be included wherever ArchiveViewer is
maintained, as well as with Scamper, since its installation calls this
method (that's where I got bitten)."

5640TextMorphFontsComment-klc -- Ken Causey -- 19 December 2003
This change set adds a small paragraph to TextMorph's class comment
explaining that any font face changes apply to the Morph as a whole and
not just a selected subsection."

5641ProjectHistoryThumb-nk -- Ned Konz -- 3 January 2004
Fixes a problem with the ProjectHistoryMorph where displays of projects
with different display depths would have their colors corrupted.

5642CompressedSources-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 20 November 2003
md: fixed for KCP (to call some methods that where moved to
Changes for Version 1.1:
Fixed a bug in #next, and added #fileID which is needed by OSProcess.
This changeSet defines CompressedSourceStream which writes files as a
series of GZipped segments that can be written and read sequentially
like regular source files, and yet remain compressed by about a factor
of four on the disk.  Useful for developing with full sources on, eg,
PDAs or Squeak PCs with limited file space available.  Full sources for
Squeak 3.6 fit in 3.5MB.
It also defines Smalltalk compressSources, a method that will write a
copy of the sources file in this format, with the extension 'stc' in
place of 'sources'.  Finally, it modifies the openSources:forImage:
method so that it will look first for such a compressed copy, and open
it if found."

5643formComment-ls -- Lex Spoon -- 4 January 2004
adds to Form's comment that Form's are 0-indexed."

5644doWhileControlStrcts-jf -- Julian Fitzell -- 3 September 2003
Add #doWhileTrue: and #doWhileFalse: to BlockContext.
They evaluate the receiver once, and then continue to do so every time
the condition block passed in is true or false (respectively).  This is
similar to the do...while control structure in many other languages.
These methods are much more intention revealing than having to use
#whileTrue or #whileFalse and combining your loop block and your
condition block into one.  Also, this way you can get the return value
of the last loop block iteration."

5645ChangeSetDirPref-nk -- Ned Konz -- 4 January 2004
This adds a Preference for a directory to save change sets in.
15 October 2003: first version.
4 January 2004: removed prompting from accessor.

5646SEM-Babel-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> --
5 January 2004
- More #translated sends, this time in ScriptEditorMorph

5647FormEditor-fixes-BG -- Boris Gaertner -- 12 December 2003
This is a revision of a proposed fix from Dec 6, 2003.
This change set contains fixes for the FormEditor, an MVC application
that was not properly maintained for a long time. The FormEditor is very
old stuff. A detailed description of the editor and its use can be found
'Adele Goldberg: 
Smalltalk-80 The Interactive Programming Environment',  
in chapter 7, pages 120 - 135. "

5648ShowEventsBetter-nk -- Ned Konz -- 20 July 2003
This little fix improves the display of events while debugging as
- clears old text first
- displays key modifiers besides just Ctrl
HandMorph showEvents: true.
HandMorph showEvents: false.

5649parametersCleanup-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 16 May 2003
Adds a Preferences method for remove unwanted Parameters entries, and
invokes that method in the postscript to remove three superfluous
'Parameters' entries.
Also, adds a 'senders of this key' command, and a stay-up item, to the
key-list menu for DictionaryInspector; these were both very useful in
investigating usage of the various parameters."


5651addInstVarFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 26 December 2003
The removal of the extra space at the end of the instVarString in update
variableDefinition-lr broke Class>>addInstVarName:, which had relied on
the presence of that space.  This update fixes that."

5652OrderedCollSupport-BG -- Boris Gaertner -- 9 January 2004
Comments for private methods tell the reader to use public methods.
add:beforeIndex:  is added (Not strictly needed because there is a
method addFirst:, but the availability of the new method can sometimes
simplify the code.)"

5653AbandonSourcesFix-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 5 January 2004
Prevents errors from occurring during the compression process.  The
initial message now reflects the fact that some temp names (beyond about
400 characters) may be lost.  New logic retains as many temp names as
possible when this limit is exceded."


5655ChangeListEnh-nk -- Ned Konz -- 7 January 2004
Some enhancements for the ChangeList and VersionsBrowser:
- compare (one or several) change(s) in the ChangeList with the current
and all the historical versions in the image.
- ignore LF characters when diffing method text. May want this to be a
preference, I'm not sure.
- ignore whitespace changes when looking for unchanged methods. May want
this to be a preference, I'm not sure.

5656MailCSToListPrefixes-fbs -- Frank Shearar -- 6 January 2004
This adds a [TEST] menu item to the [ENH]/[BUG]/etc option list when you
select 'mail to list' on a ChangeSet.
I'd add a test suite if I could figure out a decent way to test the GUI.
The next step would probably be to allow multiple selections - so you
could, for instance, post a [BUG][FIX][TEST] message easily."

5657PolygonFlipMethods-edc -- Marcus Denker -- 14 January 2004
md: just reposting... (I have no idea if the change proposed
makes any sense. I'm no morphic expert)
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 06:48:26 +0800
From: Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene <edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar>
Subject: [RFI]Having flip metods again in image (was [BUG] Missing
	in 3.4 beta)
In images previous to 3.4 , we have a flip method for polygons made for
Scott Wallace.
I copy his and do other and used a lot in several games.
This are removed from image and I asked to have again.
Appologize to Ken for think he is in charge of this stuff.

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