list in AlignmentMorph

Lulu yejuan_1204 at
Sat Jan 17 09:13:01 UTC 2004

   If I want to add a list in an AlignmentMorph, then which type=
 of list can be chosen?
I have chosen a pluggableListMorph, but the list seems to do=
=09| aList r |
=09aList _ PluggableListMorph new
=09=09=09=09on: self
=09=09=09=09list: #nameList
=09=09=09=09selected: #listIndex
=09=09=09=09changeSelected: #listIndex:
=09=09=09=09menu: #listMenu:
=09=09=09=09keystroke: #listKey:from:.
     aList hResizing:#spaceFill.
=09r _ AlignmentMorph new color: Color lightBlue;
=09=09=09=09 layoutInset: 0;
=09=09=09=09 wrapCentering: #center;
=09=09=09=09 cellPositioning: #leftCenter;
=09=09=09=09 hResizing: #spaceFill;
=09=09=09=09 vResizing: #spaceFill.
=09r extent:380 at 200.=09=09=09
 =09r addMorphBack: aList.
=09self addMorphBack: r.

    I want to know whether I choose wrong type of list or I write=
 wrong codes about the list.
=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1ulysis79 at

=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1=A1yejuan_1204 at

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