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Sat Jan 17 14:51:17 UTC 2004

Trygve Reenskaug <trygver at> wrote:
> Many thanks to Ken and Brian. Two answers within the space of a few hours. 

That is "normal" here on squeak-dev. :)

> I should have found the answer myself, but the functionality is so enormous 
> that it is easy to miss the one important command.


> I am still in doubt if I can spend the time to become a Squeak expert when 
> there is such a lot I want to implement. There is any amount of Squeak 
> stuff I need to learn. And much to port (e.g., a flattening browser, 
> persistent objects, role modeling, reverse engineering)

Not sure what a flattening browser does (but I can imagine) but perhaps
Whisker is something to look at.

Regarding persistent objects we already have numerous options in Squeak:

- Magma: GemStone-clone written in pure Squeak all the way.
- GOODS: A Squeak binding so that you can use the excellent open source
language neutral OODB "GOODS".
- ImageSegments: Can be used for simple apps.
- SPrevayler: An interesting idea that relies on serializable commands
instead of serializing the objects. See
- A whole bunch of O/R solutions and bindings to MySQL and PostgreSQL
- A binding to GemStone/S (don't know if it is fresh) I think we are already quite well equipped.

> All this pulls me 
> towards staying with VW. But the wonderful Squeak community, the added 
> flexibility + the openness pulls me strongly towards Squeak. Time will show.
> Again, thanks for rapid response
> --Trygve

regards, Göran

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