Going to 3.7 beta (was: [UPDATES] 34 for Squeak3.7alpha)

Frank Sergeant frank at canyon-medical.com
Sat Jan 17 18:11:21 UTC 2004

Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com> wrote:

> > By the way, 3.7 is tentatively scheduled to move to beta on February 7. 
> > (Going by a 3.7 final date of April 3.)  So, we're getting toward the
> > end of the 3.7 alpha stage.
> - Move to 4.0 and not to 3.7.  The .changes files is huge! And, from the
> marketing POV, we have enough new features (babel, new look, ttf fonts,
> etc) to consider a "new" version.

Of course I do not think my feelings on this issue should be the
overwhelming factor in the decision, but it somehow feels wrong to me to
abandon the 3.7 numbering at this late date.  It seems "neater" to
continue from 3.7a to 3.7b and wind up with a 3.7 final.  It seems the
time to decide on a new major version number is when starting a new
alpha phase.  Just a thought for you to consider.

-- Frank

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