[UPDATES] 34 for Squeak3.7alpha AND TESTS!!!!

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Jan 17 19:19:19 UTC 2004

> I am against it, if you mean including the tests in the base/kernel
> image (whatever the final name is that refers to the smallest image, 
> the
> one that is updated by the update stream).
> If you mean keeping the tests in a SqueakMap package, and loading that
> on top of the base/kernel image when creating the full image, then I
> have no particular objection.

For me this is costing much more energy to me.
Then if you want to create a mini image yo can simply remove all the 
sbclasses of TestCase.

Why a decision should force people working losing more time.

> I feel that everything, including tests, that *can* be factored out of
> the upgrade stream bottlenecked base/kernel image and put on SqueakMap
> *should* be so factored out.  I gather the tests are *already* factored
> out, so it sounds like madness to me to undo that by putting them back
> into the base/kernel image.

So I should be really idiot then. Let us make a deal, if you collect 
**all** the tests
that are related to the image, sorted them in the right category, check 
they make sense, ... and publish each time an updated version of the 
as Bruce Oneel is doing it then perfect I'm ready to go for a package.

Now if this is me that have to do that. I will not I do not want to 
publish all the
time a package anytime somebody send a new test suite. Also the tests 
be in alpha image as we are changing the system and more likely to 
break it.

> And, off-topic to my main theme, but I might mention that the post to
> which I am replying, quoted the *entire* *long* message (around 315
> lines) to which it was a reply.  Why?  Couldn't that quote have been
> trimmed to virtually nothing?  I would hope that people who
> automatically quote entire messages would consider changing their
> policy.

I hate removing text because I read nealry 100 emails per days in 
and not only on squeak so the context helps me to remember and I can 
following a question
of other people.

> -- Frank

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