new Monticello version, unloading changes

Avi Bryant avi at
Sat Jan 17 22:14:53 UTC 2004

I've just posted a new version of Monticello to SqueakMap.

This includes several changes that have been in the pipeline for a long 
time: UI enhancements from Lukas and Ned, and significant test cleanups 
from Colin, for example.

It also includes a change I made to support the TFNR work, which is a 
refinement of the way class extensions are unloaded.

In the past, when you unloaded a Monticello package (using the "unload" 
context menu item of the Monticello Browser), any class extension 
methods would be reverted to the state they were in before the package 
was loaded.

The problem with this was that if you were carving a package out of the 
image, after bringing a method into your package, when you unloaded 
that package you would want the method to be fully removed, not just 

Now, you must explicitly mark overrides by placing them in a method 
category of the form "*packagename-override".  Any class extension 
methods in method categories that end in "-override" will be reverted 
on unload, all others will be removed.

Please let me know if you find any problems with this new version.


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