export a picture for the current project

Ned Konz ned at squeakland.org
Sun Jan 18 05:37:26 UTC 2004

On Saturday 17 January 2004 7:16 pm, Lulu wrote:
> Hi,
>    How can export a ".gif" file for the current project interface just like
> that a morph can be exported a ".gif" file.

The current project:

writer _ GIFReadWriter on: (FileStream newFileNamed: Project current name, 
writer nextPutImage: Project current thumbnail; close.

All the projects as an animated GIF:

writer _ GIFReadWriter on: (FileStream newFileNamed: 'AllMyProjects.gif').
writer loopCount:  100; delay: 2000.
Project allMorphicProjects do: [ :p | writer nextPutImage: p thumbnail ].
writer close.

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