[Nostalgia] Apple APDA Smalltalk-80

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Jan 18 09:21:07 UTC 2004

Hi Dave

could you tell us a bit the size (number of classes...) of these 
systems? or other information you find revelant.
I'm interested in Smalltalk-76 to deeply understand a Smalltalk from 
top to bottom.

On 18 janv. 04, at 05:58, Dave Lowry wrote:

> I should add that this is not so much about "collecting" as much as 
> "can't throw anything away".  :-)
> But, it's really instructive to fire up these old systems from time to 
> time to remind oneself what was achievable with (relatively) nothing 
> compared to what we have today.
> On Jan 17, 2004, at 8:42 PM, Dave Lowry wrote:
>> Many, many years ago I purchased, for the princely sum of US$50, 
>> Apple's Smalltalk-80.  Someone at Apple, maybe Dan, tried to talk me 
>> out of it because the system was so "researchy".  Does anyone still 
>> have disks or disk images so that this could be run again in vMac or 
>> on and old Mac?
>> Also, for the other software archeologists on the list, I still have 
>> running copies of Methods, ST/V 286, and ST/V Mac.
>> -Dave

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