[Nostalgia] Apple APDA Smalltalk-80

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net
Sun Jan 18 16:04:41 UTC 2004

ducasse <ducasse at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:

> Hi Dave
> could you tell us a bit the size (number of classes...) of these 
> systems? or other information you find revelant.
> I'm interested in Smalltalk-76 to deeply understand a Smalltalk from 
> top to bottom.
> stef

Here are some figures for two old Smalltalks
from Digitalk:

Smalltalk V R1.2: (useable on a 8086)

number of classes: 115
number of methods:  2147
size of image: approx. 220 KBytes

Smalltalk V/286: (required an 80286)

number of classes:  130
number of methods: 2486
size of image: approx. 500 KBytes

Expression to find the number of classes:
 Object allSubclasses size

Expression to find the number of methods:
 CompiledMethod allInstances size

Both products used different object formats and
that fact explains the remarkable difference of
the images sizes for two systems that were otherwise
very similar in size.

The number of classes as well as the number of methods
includes the invisible classes and methods of the
Compiler. Smalltalk V/286 contained 16 invisible
classes that implemented both the Smalltalk compiler
and a compiler for the Prolog that was part of that

The "view hierachy":

That was all and it was enough to create beautiful
applications. ( But a lot of programmers added
specialized Panes, which was quite easy.)

I remember also that a really nice interface builder
was available from Acumen Software (later
Cooper & Peters, Inc.) , but  I cannot give you
figures about the product because I do not have it.
It was decribed in 
Smalltalk/V Scoop, vol. III No. 4, 1990
The same newsletter describes also 
ENVY/Developer, a program that was
available for Smalltalk V/286. 

Greetings, Boris

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