[Bug] Mudpie / Connectors

frits.swinkels frits.swinkels at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 18 16:02:12 UTC 2004

Edgar de Cleene did a fix for a walkback in
It concerned a connector from a node to itself; the fix was in

There is still a problem with this connector from a node to itself:
unlike a connector from a node to another node, it does not move along
with its node when the latter is dragged.

The difference is that the normal connector is stepping while the
connector from a node to itself is not. I tried to start stepping it in
NCConnectorMorph>>enterFixingDegenerateLine but that did not work. 

By now one is in the bowels of the FSM and I guess Ned Konz will need to
shine his light upon this.

In another vein, displayGraph: piles its nodes in the topleft corner of
the World.I added a line nodeMorph center:800 atRandom @ 600 atRandom to
displayGraph. At least one can see a 2-d picture which can be modified.

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