update stream policy

Ned Konz ned at squeakland.org
Sun Jan 18 16:26:23 UTC 2004

On Sunday 18 January 2004 7:27 am, ducasse wrote:
> By the way the starting point was about having Tests (the active and
> always synchronised
> documentation) close to the code they document in the image for the
> image. For the package
> each maintainer has to care of the tests related to his stuff.

But "close to the code" doesn't have to mean "shipped as part of the 
distribution image itself". We have a number of mechanisms for making content 
(including tests) available; I don't think that released images themselves 
need to contain tests.

After all, only a small part of the Squeak community is programmers.

I do think that it may make sense to have tests available in alpha images 
because (presumably) most of the users of alpha images will be programmers.

SM2 will allow annotation streams for packages; these can (and should) contain 
resources like tests, as well as updates to the packages and tests 

And bug reports, and user experiences, and ...

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