how to save a project

Ned Konz ned at
Sun Jan 18 16:56:29 UTC 2004

On Sunday 18 January 2004 5:08 am, ye juan wrote:
> Hi,
>    I want to do something about "save a project on
> local file". In the world menu, the selector is
> #saveOnFile, however, I can not get something useful
> from it. So if you know the base, please write to me .

Even better, I will show you how to fish for it:

If you open the World menu, then get a halo on the "save project on file" menu 
item, you can then inspect the item.

If you then look at the MenuItemMorph's instance variables, you will see that:

target is TheWorldMorph
selector is #doMenuItem:with:
arguments are #(#(#myWorld #saveOnFile))

And then we look at implementors of doMenuItem:with: and we see that 
TheWorldMenu defines this as:

doMenuItem: aCollection with: event
	| realTarget selector nArgs |
	selector _ aCollection second.
	nArgs _ selector numArgs.
	realTarget _ aCollection first.
	realTarget == #myWorld ifTrue: [realTarget _ myWorld].
	realTarget == #myHand ifTrue: [realTarget _ myHand].
	realTarget == #myProject ifTrue: [realTarget _ self projectForMyWorld].
	^nArgs = 0 
		ifTrue:[realTarget perform: selector]
		ifFalse:[realTarget perform: selector with: event].

So now we know that when this item is selected, this is the equivalent of what 

menu myWorld saveOnFile.

Which is the same as:

ActiveWorld saveOnFile.

since ActiveWorld will be set to the world in which the menu is raised.

So now we can do this from a program.

Going a bit further, we see that PasteUpMorph>>saveOnFile (for a World) 
actually does "self project saveAs", which does this:

	self forgetExistingURL.
	self storeOnServer.

So you could get the same effect for the current Project by just doing this:

Project current saveAs.

By following the definitions of Project>>storeOnServer further, you will see 
how it works.

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