Squat progress 18 January 2004: modules (with prerequisites) are loading

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Sun Jan 18 19:02:12 UTC 2004

	(Squat project and mailing list info at http://netjam.org/squat )


	I've got modules loading now, with support for prerequisites.

	The basic behavior is fun... A recipient system establishes a
message-sending connection to a server system, and exposes two pieces of
information: the UUID of the remote module with which it wants to
synchronize, and a newly-created local module. The remote module then
synchronizes itself with the local module, using remote message-sending.
If the remote module has a prerequisite, it just asks the local module
for yet another new local module, and asks the prerequisite module to
sync with it first.

	I also spent a couple difficult weeks in December getting my
CompiledMethod format changes into the minimal/headless snapshot (I
prototyped them in another, headful, snapshot first, and after I had
done the major shrinking work on the minimal snapshot).

	As I mentioned previously, I anticipate the first public release when I
have a working demo of a minimal snapshot "putting its head back on", by
loading appropriate modules from the Net, and displaying something on
the screen. I'm interested in discussing the timing of possible
integration of Squat with the Squeak release schedule.

	Any feedback is very welcome, especially feature requests to the Squat
mailing list. I'm usually on the Squeak IRC channel
(irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/#squeak) from 1800-0300 GMT, sometimes
0400-1100 too.



Craig Latta
craig at netjam.org
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