monticello bundles

Avi Bryant avi at
Sun Jan 18 19:53:07 UTC 2004

On Jan 18, 2004, at 1:16 AM, ducasse wrote:
> As such they should not be not present with the code they cover 
> ***before***
> we get an easy to use package mechanism. Right now we are developing 
> using
> monticello a new version of traits and we end up merging all the code 
> in one file to be able
> not to lose too much time identifying which version of with parts work 
> with which
> other. We are three developers and there were three files and this was 
> the mess.
> So for now if you want to help, help extending monticello to have 
> Bundles/package
> as in Envy/Store so that I can identify a build and I can load it in 
> one click.

I agree.  It's time we had such a facility.  I was thinking about this 
the other day, and here was my very simple minded suggestion:

- You can add a named bundle to your working copy which will reference 
any number of packages
- If you select a bundle and click Save, new versions all of its 
referenced packages will be saved to the repository
- Also saved to the repository will be a "tag" file that lists the 
UUIDs and version numbers of the newly saved packages
- Selecting and loading these tag files will load all of the package 
versions they list

At first, we may not even need to make this recursive (bundles 
referring to other bundles) although in the long run that could be 

Stef, would that make your life easier?


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