update stream policy

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Sun Jan 18 18:43:59 UTC 2004

Am 17.01.2004 um 21:04 schrieb Avi Bryant:
>> So if you provide a solution that in one click I can say add this 
>> test to this package and publish (like I could do it in VW with 
>> Store)
>> then I would use it. It should work in alpha in basic because this is 
>> with such an image that I'm reviewing code.
> If it's a tools issue, we'll fix the tools.  No problem.  Or, if you 
> just email *me* the changesets instead of the update list, I will make 
> sure there's a package on SM with them.

I allready do this. All tests that get posted with the [TEST] tag are 
added to the BaseImage tests package on SqueakMap.
Most of the time I'm quite fast with adding the tests (much faster than 
the update stream most of the time). The package is in
monticello format.


Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de

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