community package maintenance

Avi Bryant avi at
Sun Jan 18 20:58:49 UTC 2004

On Jan 18, 2004, at 12:40 PM, goran.krampe at wrote:

> Well, I would like for such a mechanism to use SM somehow.
> Now, SM has an optional PI-name for a package.
> This means we can map the PIs in the image to SM entries and thus get
> info about the package - like who are the maintainers (primary and
> co-maintainers) etc. We could easily add an "inbox" field so that a
> package can say where it wants fixes to end up. Some possible choices:
> 1. As changesets in email.
> 2. As changesets in an ftp area.
> 3. As Monticello version in an ftp area.

What if SM kept a list of "unofficial" versions of a package, that 
anyone could post, as well as the official versions posted by the 
registered maintainers?

We would also need a simple way of publishing a version to this list, 
from within the image.  Perhaps the SM package page could accept PUT 
requests for this?

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