[ANN] Extra! Extra! SM2 is up and running!

C. David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Sun Jan 18 23:38:14 UTC 2004

goran.krampe at bluefish.se wrote:

>Howdy folks!
>Well, it seems that SM2 in the end stopped kicking and biting me and
>actually started working.
>WARNING: The next days will probably (Murphy you know) have problems
>related to SM2. I hope that there will be as little pain as possible,
>but who knows. I hope you stay cheerful with me on the ride. :)

When I upgrade to SM2 and try to do an "upgrade all installed packages" 
I get an error dialog (how can I launch the debugger from there?) saying 
"Error occurred when upgrading old packages SMLoader 

If I look in SMLoader I see this reference to downloadDirectory

    [Cursor wait
        showWhile: [squeakMap upgradeOldPackagesDirectory: self class 
            self noteChanged]]
        on: Error
        do: [:ex | self inform: ('Error occurred when upgrading old 
packages:\' , ex messageText) withCRs]

I previously did have the download directory set...as I see in your post 
SM2 doesn't use it...any idea what's wrong?


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