DVS and MonticelloCVS users?

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Tue Jan 20 07:57:58 UTC 2004

>How many people out there are still using DVS or MonticelloCVS to manage 
>active source code?  I do know of one project using the latter (you know 
>who you are), but is there anyone I don't know about?
>I ask because I'm trying to balance Monticello's backwards compatibility 
>with old formats with the simplicity of its codebase, and if I can assume 
>that people are basically all moved over to the .mcz format I can start 
>ripping out satisfyingly large chunks of MC code.

I have work in a 3.4 image that I do package/save as .sar with DVS (from 
the StarBrowser).

could you please tell me in a few words (or point to the appropriate info) 
how I can translate this into .mcz format ?



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