Going to 3.7 beta (was: [UPDATES] 34 for Squeak3.7alpha)

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Tue Jan 20 10:47:43 UTC 2004

Hi Doug,

[snip about fonts]
> I guess one other thing I could do is create a 3.7beta candidate image 
> with the new fonts included, that people would have to download to try.

This could help.

> > - Move to 4.0 and not to 3.7.  The .changes files is huge! And, from 
> > the
> > marketing POV, we have enough new features (babel, new look, ttf fonts,
> > etc) to consider a "new" version.
> We could have the version after 3.7 be 4.0.  But I don't think we 
> should rename the current 3.7 to 4.0... IMHO we should decide at the 
> beginning of the alpha stage what the version number for the release 
> will be and stick with that.
> It is true that the .changes file is getting big, so we may want to 
> have 4.0 come after 3.7 even if we don't end up doing major changes 
> requiring an image format change.

I agree.

> > - What happened with m17n inclusion?  One of the goals is to make 3.7
> > (or 4 ;)) full translatable.
> Yoshiki replied here... it looks like it will wait until the next 
> alpha. (3.7/4.0)  It probably makes sense for this big change to go in 
> at the beginning of an alpha cycle so it has a lot of time to "settle 
> down".  The alternative is to put it in 3.7alpha ASAP and postpone the 
> 3.7 release a while.

I vote for the second (to delay 3.7 for a while), but the last decision
is in hands of Yoshiki.

> > - I'd like to include the (just finished) Small-Land Project Repository
> > (a type of new superswiki) to the 3.7.  You can see the web frontend to
> > the repository in http://repository.small-land.org:8080/.  It's really
> > simple to add, just a new class is needed (a type of ServerDirectory)
> > and a registry on the servers list.  I'll post a changeset today.
> Hm, if this is a generally useful way to load projects from the net 
> (moreso than superswiki), perhaps it should be included.  It is a small 
> addition.  I'd like to see some more feedback.  Do you think it should 
> go in Basic or just in Full?

The project publish/searching are now part of morph/eToys. IMO, before
splitting-off eToys from the basic, this feature is basic.

> - Doug


Diego Gomez Deck

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