[Nostalgia] Apple APDA Smalltalk-80

Davide Grandi Davide.Grandi at mclink.it
Tue Jan 20 10:48:06 UTC 2004

>> V0.2 : 956k
>> What is the 956k number above?
The size of the compressed (.sit) data.

>The whole system came in 7 400KB floppies, though that included
> two images and changes files.
Yes, I remember. My first "Smalltalk work" was the joining of the sources, in order to use only two 800k disks (after a while I got a gorgeous 20MB SCSI HD).

> Actually, I also ran it with a system disk I had created and
> there weren't any problems.
I think it depended on the System version. After 17 years I can't recall exactly but on the System "folder" there were some funny icons containing some code resources. May be they were required in order to run on the Mac : the 0.2 version came from the Lisa Smalltalk ...

Best regards, and let us know if you can run this 17 years old Smalltalk somewhere ... (on my garage I've an old 286 and 2 Mac SE/30 kept away only for running, on a bright sunny day, the Digitalk V/286 and the Apple Smalltalk) ...

    Davide Grandi
Ing. Davide Grandi
davide.grandi at mclink.it

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