Going to 3.7 beta (was: [UPDATES] 34 for Squeak3.7alpha)

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Tue Jan 20 17:08:44 UTC 2004

Diego Gomez Deck wrote:

>>>- What happened with m17n inclusion?  One of the goals is to make 3.7
>>>(or 4 ;)) full translatable.
>>Yoshiki replied here... it looks like it will wait until the next 
>>alpha. (3.7/4.0)  It probably makes sense for this big change to go in 
>>at the beginning of an alpha cycle so it has a lot of time to "settle 
>>down".  The alternative is to put it in 3.7alpha ASAP and postpone the 
>>3.7 release a while.
> I vote for the second (to delay 3.7 for a while), but the last decision
> is in hands of Yoshiki.

Yoshiki and I talked about that last week and the idea with waiting for 
3.8a was to have a pre-i18n stable release. Then freeze updates in 3.8a 
until Yoshiki has caught up with the changes and then push the i18n into 
the update stream, forcing source/changes files conversions etc.
Then packages can be ported to the new world (like Yaxo finally getting 
multi-byte character support) and then have that relatively quickly be 
3.8 stable.

Just MTC (Euro ;-) )


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