[ANN] Extra! Extra! SM2 is up and running!

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net
Tue Jan 20 19:21:04 UTC 2004

From: <goran.krampe at bluefish.se>
Subject: [ANN] Extra! Extra! SM2 is up and running!
Thank you for doing that great work, Goran!

I installed SM2 into a 3.7 # 5657 image and 
loaded Celeste and BFAV2.

I was shown the message that UndefinedObject
does not understand  noteInstalled.

I think this is because SMMcInstaller is defined
without the instance variable  'package',
which is used in SMMcInstaller>>install,
where we find this (as second last expression
in the method):

   package noteInstalled.

I do not think that this is something serious,
BFAV2 works and I conclude that is was
correctly installed. Nevertheless I ask
myself - and you, by this mail - what I did wrong?
Did I load an outdated version of SMMcInstaller?

Your advice is, as alwys, welcome.

Greetings, Boris

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