Squeak Daemon: Why doesn't Squeak sleep with zero cpu usage?

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Wed Jan 21 00:02:38 UTC 2004

> > How can I configure (or how can we change) squeak to run as a good
> > server" citizen?
> Try Squeak 3.7a. It seems to be much better. Of course, you'll want to
> all the windows too.
> - Ned Konz


I've yet to find squeak 3.7a on unix. (See my earlier email today about

I've closed all the windows (on the 3.6g unix version) and that seems to
help a little, it's now hovering just over 1% per image. Ok, I've doubled
the number of images to a 100. Now to add an infinite number (up to ram and
disk swap space limits) by figuring out the last 1% and having squeak sleep
with it's gui active! Any ideas?

The gui is still polling right?

All the best,


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