Squeak Daemon issues - Squeak 3.7-5657 image segmention fault

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Wed Jan 21 01:35:43 UTC 2004


I am running Squeak 3.6g vm 2 for unix on FreeBSD 4.7 with the 3.7-5657
image and I get a segmentation fault during loading.

/usr/local/bin/squeak Squeak3.7a-5657.image

Segmentation fault

686037952 SystemDictionary>lowSpaceWatcher
686038320 [] in SystemDictionary>installLowSpaceWatcher
686038412 [] in BlockContext>newProcess
Abort (core dumped)

/usr/local/bin/squeak -version
3.6g-2 #2 Tue Sep 16 20:23:31 CEST 2003 gcc 2.95.4
Squeak3.6beta of '4 July 2003' [latest update: #5411]
FreeBSD tif.inria.fr 4.7-RC FreeBSD 4.7-RC #2: Tue Sep 24 15:17:05 CEST 2002
root at ina.inria.fr:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/INA  i386
default plugin location: /usr/local/lib/squeak/3.6g-2/*.so

Any ideas?

What is your strategy for keeping your unix version of squeak up to date?
Simply load the lastest image for the unix vm?

All the best,


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