monticello with dependencies

Avi Bryant avi at
Wed Jan 21 01:58:44 UTC 2004

Hi Lukas,

Nearly all the issues you raise below are now addressed in .

The one thing I didn't do is to make a package show up as dirty if any 
of its dependencies are dirty.  I'm not sure that you want this in all 
cases - although maybe there could be some separate visual cue, not the 
*,  that would indicate that the dependencies have changed?  Ideas?


On Jan 20, 2004, at 2:17 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

> Hi Avi,
> I tried out your new release and I like it a lot! Especially for our 
> big
> insurance project using a lot of different packages, this comes in very
> handy and will save us much time when updating the server.
> However, when playing with the new release in a fresh 3.6 image, I
> observed the following problems:
> - I created an empty package 'Root' and two dependent packages 'RootA'
> and 'RootB' with an empty class in each. When trying to save 'Root' for
> the first time I get the following stack-dump:
> 	OrderedCollection(Object)>>error:
> 	OrderedCollection(Collection)
>>> errorEmptyCollection
> 	OrderedCollection(SequenceableCollection)>>first
> MCWorkingCopy>>currentVersionInfo
> 	[] in
> MCWorkingCopy>>newVersionWithName:message:
> 	OrderedCollection>>collect:
> MCWorkingCopy>>newVersionWithName:message:
> 	[] in
> MCWorkingCopy>>newVersion
> 	Array(Object)>>ifNotNilDo:
> MCWorkingCopy>>newVersion
> 	MCWorkingCopyBrowser>>saveVersion
> 	...
> After saving the dependent packages 'RootA' and 'RootB' independently,
> saving the root works again.
> - The dependent packages do not get properly stored in the repository,
> loading from the same image works however as it is loaded from the 
> cash.
> I don't see what the problem is actually, because I assigned the same
> repository to the dependent packages but they do not appear there.
> - I accidently added the same dependency 'RootA' twice to the package
> 'Root', something that should probably be avoided eventough it doesn't
> lead to problems:
> 	Name: Root-lr.4
> 	Author: lr
> 	Time: 20 January 2004, 10:58:20 am
> 	UUID:
> 2d4daa60-4b2f-11d8-bbfc-000393cfe6c8
> 	Ancestors: Root-lr.3
> 	empty log
> message
> 	Dependencies: RootA-lr.1, RootA-lr.1, RootB-lr.1
> And some cosmetic question: Why do you show the dependencies below the
> comment? I would prefer to have it in the block with all the 
> information
> above.
> - A detail: When modifying a package, the appearing star in the 
> modified
> item makes it appear at the very top of the list. I would prefer to 
> have
> it always in the same order. And another idea: shouldn't be a star also
> displayed in the package that is dependent on the modified one?
> Ok, that's it for the moment! Sorry not to come with a ready to merge
> solution, but I have a few ideas to enhance the repository browser to
> visualize the new meta information.
> Cheers,
> Lukas
> -- 
> Lukas Renggli

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