monticello with dependencies

Julian Fitzell julian at
Wed Jan 21 02:57:54 UTC 2004

Avi Bryant wrote:
> Hi Lukas,
> Nearly all the issues you raise below are now addressed in 
> .
> The one thing I didn't do is to make a package show up as dirty if any 
> of its dependencies are dirty.  I'm not sure that you want this in all 
> cases - although maybe there could be some separate visual cue, not the 
> *,  that would indicate that the dependencies have changed?  Ideas?

I had the same concern with that one when Lukas mentioned it.  If the 
package isn't empty, I might very well want to know the difference 
between it being dirty and it's dependents being dirty...  No particular 
ideas, really, except for starting to use colour-coding or something as 
an additional status indicator... or status icons...


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