Bug closing policy (also Please review your own reports)

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Wed Jan 21 14:41:31 UTC 2004

In my occasional perusals through BFAV2 I'm finding that there are quite
a few groups that could probably have been closed relatively early on in
the discussion because it was decided that the original report was
incorrect or. as sometimes happens, off-target, and the discussion veers
off in another direction.  If you filter based on me you will find that
quite a few of my own reports were the result of misunderstanding on my
own part.  Witness the recent report about a problem with SqueakMap2.

I'm inclined to simply close my own bug at least in the instances where
I reported the bug and later come to an understanding that I was
offbase.  Does anyone have problem with that?

If not, can I please suggest that others do the same.  A large
percentage of the roughly 2200 open groups (a few more will be
disappearing in a couple of days as we fix a slight problem with BFAV2)
appear to me to be closable.  However looking at a thread months or a
year or more after the fact and deciding this becomes more difficult. 
Particularly in the cases in which part of the discussion takes place
off-list or in another thread.

To take this another step, would everyone mind taking about 30 minutes
later in the week or next week (I say later because there are some minor
fixes and improvements in the pipeline for BFAV2 and a new release
should be out today or tomorrow.  If you really want to do this now, the
current release of BFAV2 is perfectly useable as well.)  and search for
all groups that contain posts from themselves and look over them
closely?  Whenever possible please respond with another posts that makes
at least a suggestion as to whether the issue is still valid or not.  I
would like to suggest that whenever you are very certain that you feel
free to go ahead and close the bug.  But then I'm not a Guide or
Harvester so maybe we should kick that rather extreme position around a
bit first.

Just a few suggestions,

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