Require some help for visual tools development

Yanni Chiu yanni at
Wed Jan 21 15:24:34 UTC 2004

Patrick Chénais wrote:
> Operations of the prototype I want to developp:
> - Prerequisite: an object model (class diagram and instantiated objects) is
> saved in a XML file.
> - Then?
> - - The tool reads the XML file.
> - - It generates the class diagram and the instantiated objects.
> - - It displays them graphically (using ConnectorMorph for instance).
> - The user modifies graphically the model.
> - Save the modified model into a XML File.
> Are they already such SQUEAK Objects or visual tools (Class Diagram-,
> Process- Modelling tools or others)? Which squeak class could I take as
> basis, or template, to get started?
> Where could I get a working example with XML file management (loading,
> processing and saving)?

There's a project called Jacaranda on SqueakMap that uses
the Connectors package to draw some UML diagrams.
Also, a few months ago, some code was posted to this
list that modified Jacaranda to compile Smalltalk classes
from the UML diagram. I had some code to read&write the
models in XML format, but I haven't bothered to maintain it.
The XML format was just a nuisance, but if you want it for
an intermediate exchange format, then that's fine. I ended
up using SIF format.


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