[BUG]UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #includes:

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Wed Jan 21 19:22:11 UTC 2004

Brent Vukmer wrote:

>Based on the stack trace, it looks like you've got BFAV2 loaded in that
>image, too.
>BFAV 1.31 and BFAV 2.01 shouldn't be loaded into the same image; there's
>no guarantee *what* will happen in that case.

It looks like Bert's old sqfixes archive at gsug.org is down for good 
now, so the old BFAV 1.x is basically unusable and obsolete.  So you 
might want to add a comment to this effect to the SM description for 
BFAV 1.x, or possibly even rename the package to BFAV-old or something.

- Doug

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