RE WindowBuilder in Squeak

Thomas A Petersen tpeterse at
Thu Jan 22 20:08:15 UTC 2004

> Ed Grant wrote:
> Is there a tool like WindowBuilder Pro for Squeak?

Not yet.  However, you can take a look at Prefab and Bob’s UI.  They go a
significant distance toward the heavenly goodness that Eric Clayburg
created with WindowBuilder Pro.  I used the Visual Age version and had the
privilege of working with Eric as he consulted with our project to adjust
some of the “features” in the Solaris and Windows version of IBM’s product.

Take a look at  for leads to
various UI tools.

I have found that you almost don’t need a special UI tool due to the highly
dynamic free form nature of Morphic. I find myself making an application
class and use a buildUi method that makes the UI (addWidgets,
initializeWidgets). Then I set up my model (preInitWindow) and tell the ui
to open (initWindow).

Good Luck and happy hunting.

P.S.  Any thoughts on how we could get Eric to port WindowBuilder.  That
environment is so seriously cool.

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