Craig Latta craig at
Fri Jan 23 03:27:56 UTC 2004

> It is quite possible for #fileNamed: to be terminated before
> returning to the sender and since the file variable hasn't been
> assigned yet this wouldn't prevent you from leaving a dangling
> file...

	Sure, I didn't claim otherwise.

> ...the chance of the process being terminated inbetween the
> assignment and entering the ensured block is - compared to the
> probability of being terminated somewhere inside #fileNamed: - so
> remote it isn't even worth mentioning.

	I've experienced it. Apparently you're more of a gambler than I am.

> Really, using #ensure: in the above way is about resource management,
> not dealing with horrificly complex exceptional situations.

	No, it's about ensuring things that you want to have happen.


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