[ANN] OpenOffice Importer

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Sat Jan 24 17:46:05 UTC 2004

Hi folks...

After weeks of discussion about RTF importer in this list I decided to
"teach by example" and I invested real time doing real code.

The result of the (in progress) work can be found at:


The first version is enough to import text from OO (OpenOffice) text
document preserving font sizes, colors, alignment, links, etc as the
mandatory screenshots show.

To consider "closed" this project I have to work on:

- font mapping
- complete the utf8 converter to handle unicode character (probably I'll
wait for m17n before going deeper)
- import images embebed in documents
- import vectorial draws from SVG format
- ask the user for the type of object to create (BookMorph, Workspace or
- import Impress presentations converting them to BookMorphs or a set of

Based on my conviction that Squeak has to be THE media I don't plan to
create an exporter to OO format.

Enjoy it,

Diego Gomez Deck

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