Trouble getting SqueakMap to work

Jazzmynn jazzmynn at
Sat Jan 24 22:54:24 UTC 2004

I'm having trouble using SqueakMap (2).
Here are some notes regarding what goes wrong.

(MacOS 8.6, CarbonLib 1.6, PPC 604e)
Unstuffed, creating folder "Squeak3.6-MacOS-Full"
The image file calls itself "Squeak3.6-5429-full.image"

Start Squeak (Using Squeak 3.6.0be Classic VM)

World Menu -> Open -> Package Loader
This tells me I need to update to version 2 of the SqueakMap client. 
I allow the update.
Many progress indicators come up, finally it all stops with an alert:
"Installation of package release failed, message follows: a primitive 
has failed"

I abort (with cmd-period), click "debug", then click "full stack."
I scroll down to "[] in SMSqueakMap>>installPackageRelease:", then 
click on "aPackageRelease" and see "SMPackageRelease[SqueakMap2 
loader 2]" displayed.

How I got to this point is beyond me, so I close the debug window, 
and hit "OK" in the alert box.
The alert goes away, and Squeak sits. Hmmm. Let's try that Package 
Loader again.

World menu -> Open -> ??? Where is the Package Loader ???

Go to Method FInder, enter "package" and look through list.
Click on "openPackageLoader" and it displays "TheWorldMenu class 
Cool. Says something about grandfathered items or whatever.
Still ignorant, I try: TheWorldMenu openPackageLoader in a workspace 
and "do-it."
Now I get a box that says "This requires that you first install 
"SqueakMap" into your image. ... Would you like to install SqueakMap 
So I say Yes, what do I have to lose, right?

Loading SqueakMap...
Loading snapshot/
Installation of package release  failed, message follows: a primitive 
has failed"
(note that each time, thare are two spaces following word "release" above)

I'm stumped.
Any ideas?

At some point a debug log was generated, so I've attached it.


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