Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad Thesis in a nice PDF!

Gary Fisher gafisher at sprynet.com
Sun Jan 25 05:09:26 UTC 2004

A very clean .pdf, including some of the best versions of the original
illustrations I've seen.

Thanks for sharing that, Joshua!


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> Hi all,
> I just came across this, and had to immediately share it.  It's Ivan
> Sutherland's 1963 thesis (the one that kicked off interactive
> graphics, etc.)  It has been reproduced as a technical report of the
> University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and is a very nice looking
> .pdf file.  You can download it at:
> http://www.accad.ohio-state.edu/~waynec/history/PDFs/UCAM-CL-TR-574.pdf
> Enjoy!
> Joshua

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