What would keep a PluggableListMorph from allowing selections?

Ned Konz ned at squeakland.org
Sun Jan 25 05:53:41 UTC 2004

On Friday 23 January 2004 9:30 am, Chris Becker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a SystemWindow pane with a PluggableListMorph whose selection is
> never highlighted when I click on a list item.
> Each list item understands asString and is properly displayed. The
> PluggableListMorph is definitely firing my model's getListSelector and
> setIndexSelector when I click, but its selectedMorph and selection instance
> variables never get set.

And are you sending an appropriate changed: message with the name of your get 
index selector?

(assuming the PLM is plugged to these two selectors):


mySetIndexSelector: aNumber
	myIndex := aNumber.
	self changed: #myGetIndexSelector.

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