Trouble getting SqueakMap to work

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Sun Jan 25 17:26:32 UTC 2004

Hi Jazzmynn and all!

Jazzmynn <jazzmynn at> wrote:
> I'm having trouble using SqueakMap (2).
> Here are some notes regarding what goes wrong.
> (MacOS 8.6, CarbonLib 1.6, PPC 604e)
> Downloaded 
> Unstuffed, creating folder "Squeak3.6-MacOS-Full"
> The image file calls itself "Squeak3.6-5429-full.image"
> Start Squeak (Using Squeak 3.6.0be Classic VM)
> World Menu -> Open -> Package Loader
> This tells me I need to update to version 2 of the SqueakMap client. 
> I allow the update.
> Many progress indicators come up, finally it all stops with an alert:
> "Installation of package release failed, message follows: a primitive 
> has failed"
> I abort (with cmd-period), click "debug", then click "full stack."
> I scroll down to "[] in SMSqueakMap>>installPackageRelease:", then 
> click on "aPackageRelease" and see "SMPackageRelease[SqueakMap2 
> loader 2]" displayed.

The above leads me to think that you actually made it almost all the way
through the upgrade to SM2 but stumbled in the last step. Here is the
load script that is being run: you san see the last thing that happens is that the script
installs the package called "SqueakMap2 loader":
map installPackageWithId: '941c0108-4039-4071-9863-a8d7d2b3d4a3'
autoVersion: '2'.

...but I have no idea why you fail with a primitive failure at this
point. Would be interesting to know exactly where. It doesn't seem like
the debug logs you attached was about that.
> How I got to this point is beyond me, so I close the debug window, 
> and hit "OK" in the alert box.
> The alert goes away, and Squeak sits. Hmmm. Let's try that Package 
> Loader again.
> World menu -> Open -> ??? Where is the Package Loader ???

Gone. :) The load script starts with toasting the old one before
installing the new one.
And since it failed installing the new one...

> Go to Method FInder, enter "package" and look through list.
> Click on "openPackageLoader" and it displays "TheWorldMenu class 
> openPackageLoader"
> Cool. Says something about grandfathered items or whatever.
> Still ignorant, I try: TheWorldMenu openPackageLoader in a workspace 
> and "do-it."
> Now I get a box that says "This requires that you first install 
> "SqueakMap" into your image. ... Would you like to install SqueakMap 
> now?"
> So I say Yes, what do I have to lose, right?

Right. Even though that "check" only checks to see if there is a class
called SMLoader - so you really only should need to install the loader.

Haven't thought about exactly what happens if installed twice - should
probably test that a bit.
> Loading SqueakMap...
> ...
> Loading snapshot/
> ...
> Installation of package release  failed, message follows: a primitive 
> has failed"
> (note that each time, thare are two spaces following word "release" above) 
> I'm stumped.
> Any ideas?

Well, if you can redo this procedure and then, when it fails with the
primitive - I would like the debug log. You can also try to install the
loader manually with this line afterwards:

SMSqueakMap default installPackageWithId:
'941c0108-4039-4071-9863-a8d7d2b3d4a3' autoVersion: '2'.

...then you might be able to see more clearly what is going on. Perhaps
even debug it.

> At some point a debug log was generated, so I've attached it.
> Jazzmynn

regards, Göran

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