jornada 720 installation help!

kskskssksk ksksks kos2797 at
Sun Jan 25 23:49:48 UTC 2004

i downloaded squeak image 3.0 and also used the tinesqueak image and the VM 
for jornada 720
but when i started the program the squeak.exe and choosed the image ( i 
tried both on the storage card and the physical drive) i was prompted to 
make some adjustments i choosed 13 md at the first as the instructions told 
( dont know the second one) . it tried to start but never did . the window 
closed almost immediately and i think it said not enough memory or somethin 
like that.. i gave all my ram to the running programs from the control panel 
but to luck.
two questions!
1)what is it wrong witn my files? do i nedd somethin else?
2) what about changes set ? what means file in to the image....
i am sorry for taking your time but i am a niwbbie as you see and i  really 
appreciate if you can help me


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