Microsoft's "Squeak Language" Research

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Mon Jan 26 06:55:37 UTC 2004

Tim R. wrote
> Quick! Andy G. sue them - settle for $100m or so and we split it
> between those of us that have been working for peanuts for the last few
> years.

Hi Tim,

Sorry to disappoint, but I think that they, or the authors of the paper
anyway, used the term "squeak langauge" back in 1985. Apple had just
bringing out the Macintosh and had only recently seen Smalltalk a few years

>From we
"18. Luca Cardelli and Rob Pike. Squeak: a language for communicating with
Proc. Twelfth ACM Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive
Techniques (SIGGRAPH), 1985."


They seem to have a declarative gui langugae. Worth looking at... which is
why I posted it (no really that was why ;--).


ps. We could be creative and pull a SCO on them though! ;--(

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