Monticello, SM2, BFAV in 3.7alpha (was Re: Error during install of KomHttpServer 6.2 in Squeak3.7a-5657 image)

Doug Way dway at
Mon Jan 26 17:27:29 UTC 2004

goran.krampe at wrote:

>PS. We did more or less decide to stuff Monticello into Basic - perhaps
>it is high time now that SM2 is running?

We could, if the current version of Monticello is reasonably stable.  We 
should at least put it on the to-do list for 3.7alpha if we're sure we 
want to add it.

We also need to update the in-image version of SqueakMap to SM2 sometime 
before 3.7 goes beta in a couple of weeks.  We could perhaps wait a bit 
longer for a few more bugs to be flushed out.

Also, at some point someone was talking about adding BFAV or a BFAV 
bootstrap in the alpha image.  I agree that it would be good to have 
BFAV in the open menu, so that it's really easy to get to, which would 
encourage more widespread use.  In this case, I think a bootstrap might 
be better... BFAV is not as much of a core infrastructure thing which 
other things depend on, like SM and Monticello are.  (Case in point: the 
BFAV bootstrap would require SM to already be present in order to work.)

So, the BFAV bootstrap appear in the open menu and would simply load the 
latest BFAV2 package from SM2, and open the viewer.  Is there an SM2 
command to easily load whatever is the most recent version of a 
package?  Or should the bootstrap be hardcoded to a particular version 
for now?

- Doug

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