Error trying to install Kom

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Mon Jan 26 18:37:18 UTC 2004

"Blanchard, Todd" <todd.blanchard at> wrote:
> produces a little notifier "Error occurred during install:
> UndefinedObject>>versionString"
> What I really want is a seaside capable image for a quickie web form I need
> to put up so I install seaside - works fine.  Then I choose KomHttpServer
> and it produces the above error - as does trying to install KomServices.
> Image is 3.6-5429-full and the VM is windows 3.6 vm.
> Any tips are appreciated.  

This is a known problem in "SqueakMap2 base" 0.91. Do this: 
- Install the latest version of Monticello (in order to properly upgrade
- Upgrade "SqueakMap2 base" to 0.93 (by installing it)
- Install KomHttpServer.

This should work!

> -Todd Blanchard

regards, Göran

PS. I assume you currently have 0.91 of SqueakMap base? I will soon make
0.93 be default, unless something weird pops up.

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