Monticello, SM2, BFAV in 3.7alpha (was Re: Error during install of KomHttpServer 6.2 in Squeak3.7a-5657 image)

Avi Bryant avi at
Mon Jan 26 20:54:18 UTC 2004

On Jan 26, 2004, at 9:27 AM, Doug Way wrote:

> goran.krampe at wrote:
>> PS. We did more or less decide to stuff Monticello into Basic - 
>> perhaps
>> it is high time now that SM2 is running?
> We could, if the current version of Monticello is reasonably stable.  
> We should at least put it on the to-do list for 3.7alpha if we're sure 
> we want to add it.

It's stable in that the core functionality works reliably.  It's not 
stable in that new features (like dependencies) are under active 
development, and so new releases will be coming fairly frequently.  I'm 
not sure which kind of stable you're looking for, but presumably the 
former - the image doesn't have to try to keep up with the bleeding 
edge releases.

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