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Ken Causey ken at
Mon Jan 26 22:53:31 UTC 2004

You are receiving this message because you submitted 31
messages to the squeak-dev at mailing list
prior to 1/1/2003 which have been identified by the Bug Fix Archive
as a [BUG], [FIX], [ENH], [ANN], or [GOODIE]. In an effort to organize
improve harvesting these messages being closed.  You can view any of
these messages using the BFAV2 client.  We invite you to re-examine
submissions and re-submit any of them you believe are still appropriate
and should be addressed.  If you do resubmit please be sure to
follow the submission guidelines at

and use a different subject to distinguish the new submission from
the old one.

Please note: your original submission will not disappear from the
archives but simply be marked as "closed".  It will still be accessible
by choosing to view closed groups.

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